Tuesday, January 21, 2014

11 Goal Uno

I've thought about 6 goals I could work on this year and organizing my time is my goal for January/February.

I wanted to start the year off right by creating some habits that will help us become more organized so I could stop acting like a crazy freak of nature. The last 6 months have been chaotic and there wasn't consistency from one day to the next. I can handle moments or days of chaos, I taught elementary school for crying out loud, but 6 months of consistent inconsistency was starting to weigh on me. I'm a girl who is crazy about bins in closets, a planned out day, and checks on my to-do lists. I knew this goal was crucial for my sanity.

We have our evenings back, and I didn't want to waste them! Any time after 5pm is our time and I get so much more done when I have a plan of what needs to be accomplished that day, and then I can just relax. I did three things in order to accomplish my goal:

1) Cleaning Plan- I made this chart and it has helped so much! Now, I know some might laugh because A) we have no kids and B) we are gone all day so our house shouldn't get too messy, but I'd rather clean 15 minutes a day rather than a few hours of deep cleaning on Saturday. And the best part is that our house stays clean throughout the week and everything goes in it's spot, which I'm really, really anal about. As soon as we get home at night, we both clean really fast and then call it good.
The other night:
Sean: Hey what are tomorrow's chores?
Me: Bathrooms.....why?
Sean: I just love doing it so much! It's so much fun!

Hmm. Nice try! At least he has a good attitude and works with me and my OCDness. 10 points for Sean.

You can download the chart here.

2) Meal Plan- I've always been a big fan of this but got off track the last couple of months. We plan our meals Sunday night then go shopping Monday after work and school. It's what works for us! It really saves me so much time to have exactly what we're going to eat for dinner and everything there. And I make enough so we can have leftovers the next day in our lunches which saves even more time. I love my Knock Knock Meal Planning pad that I got at Nordstroms!

3) Make lists! Let's be honest, I've been a list maker since I could write, but now I make "to do" lists and "to buy" lists. It saves trips to stores and reminds me to not sit around on the computer because there are things to get done! I got this notepad at Target a few years ago and I won't know what to do when it runs out because I use it every week and I'm constantly referring to it.

A few other things I've done to help me with my time: delete Candy Crush on my phone, stop facebooking (still haven't deleted it but I'm really on the fence on that one), reduce instagram time, limit time on laptop (weird, all of these time suckers are electronic...).

Now our evenings consist of exercising, studying, cooking, reading and before we go to bed we might watch a show. I cannot tell you how much nicer this is! This has been a great goal for me and I'm not sure if it was Sean's goal but somehow he got sucked into it. I think he would agree though!


  1. Love these ideas! I might've asked you this before, but how do you make your printables? Is there a certain software required? Or a website you use? I love finding printables online and I would love to learn how to make my own!

    1. Yes! It's called My Digital Studio! You can buy it through stampin up :)

    2. Perfect! I will have to check that out, thank you!

  2. I relate to this on every single level. I think I'm going to download your chore chart, much to Austin's chagrin I'm sure. :D Thanks!!

    1. Bahah! Oh dear! I hope Austin will still want to be friends with me.....

  3. girl you know this is right up my alley!!!! I LOVE A CLEAN HOUSE. and you know I can't function well unless I'm in one. go you! also, as you were writing about your lists and plans, I can vividly remember seeing your organized planner with color-coded highlighted items for HW assignments freshman year and right then i knew you were someone amazing.

    ps please dont get off insta because i love seeing photos and comments
    pss im pretty over FB but stay on because I post to all of my YW and no one in WY really knows that insta exists...
    psss i miss you

    1. If anyone can relate to my analness, I'm glad it's you Al! You helped contribute to an always clean Cheetah Mansion!

      PS- I won't get off insta, I just can't check it everyday... kind of over it right now. You know.
      PSS- I'm glad we both can't let go of facebook
      PSSS- I miss you

  4. That was an awesome post, Danielle! I loved it I guess because it use to be me! I have gotten away from all the check lists, the to-do's, and the goal setting. I use to be right up there with you on that! I guess because I don't have a husband or a family living in, I have really gone lax in my later years. I love that you do that and that you are thinking smart! A lot can be accomplished using your techniques! Way to go, Sean and Danielle! I am so proud of you both!!!

  5. Um HELLO where did you get that kitchen timer?! I need one. Yesterday.

    1. Anthropologie and I love mine! They have several colors to pick from!

  6. OMG. I love this post. I& all of your organizers. And your organization. You & mom are so good at that. I should've waited in the organization line a little longer.



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