Monday, January 20, 2014

8 Grocery Store 101

Not that I'm trying to be a fashion blogger or anything, but I know a lot of you are busy moms or women who work long days. The last thing you want to do is run to the grocery store to pick up the 3 items your family cannot live without. That's why I've created a simple look that anyone can do!

How to get this easy grocery store look:

1) T-shirt you found in your brother-in-law's closet. Wrinkled will do just fine.

2) Mens' Walmart Sweatpants. Size small is still large enough to pack a cell phone, wallet, your purse and maybe a baby or two.

3) Any pair of flats will work great coupled with the Walmart sweatpants mentioned above.

How to Get This Hair:

1) Put it in a ponytail the night before to get it out of your face.

2) Keep it in that same ponytail all day.

3) Use bobby pins for all the rat tails.

I've also used this look when visiting the local animal shelter or picking up take-out. Have fun with it and remember to always stay sassy!

Fashion Girl


  1. I love this so much. I really like this look. I am pretty sure I'll try it tomorrow..and the next day. & the day after that. Thanks for your secrets! btw. I'm glad your legs are shaved. Mine are in a less than desirable state.

    1. Yes, legs are shaved. It's something nice I try to do for Sean every once in a while.

  2. you are amazing haha!!! i love this.

  3. Oh my gosh girl LOVE your style. You forgot to mention though where you got your flats! lolololololol
    Seriously though, you kill me.

    1. Oh! I got the shoes from Nordstrom Last Chance! THanks for the reminder. Most of my clothes come from Walmart & Nordstrom... :)

  4. The shoes are great! Your look will work!

  5. Shaved legs...Sean is very lucky. You never shaved your legs for me, and we spooned ALL THE TIME!

    1. HAH! Yeah, it's something nice I do for people who marry me.



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