Saturday, January 25, 2014

4 House Update

We've still been working on the house but it has slowed down about 10,000%.

I'm totally okay with how things are progressing and no longer feel this crazy rush to get it all done at once. There are places in our home that are completely finished though.

Most of the things in our home are DIY projects since we are on a tight budget, but it's been fun and rewarding to finish so many things while saving money.

Our  master bedroom is pretty close to done. I have finished bedside tables (pictures later) and this dresser. I will soon be making the headboard and I'm really pumped for that project!

We purchased this unfinished pine dresser from Ikea. Sean and I built the dresser and I used the same glossy paint we used for the baseboards and door frames to paint it. My mom purchased some dresser knobs from Anthropologie for us and I love how it turned out.

My favorite color has always been green and I'm a huge huge fan of a white house with pops of color. It's simple and clean which is what I was going for.

Rug on the floor = $10 blanket Sean bought in Mexico when he slept on the beach....
It works!

Lowe's Tree $28 // Target Frame on sale for $3.48 // Anthropologie vase $14 // Anthropologie knobs $6

I'm really excited about a few more projects on the horizon! Pictures to come.


  1. LOVE every bit of this. You've got serious budgeting skills and decorating talent!

    1. Thanks girl. It's a work in progress and I might end up at the loony bin when it's all done, but thanks :)

  2. I thought I had commented on this one--maybe on fb or Instagram. This look so fresh and inviting! You have an eye for beauty, Danielle!

    1. Come visit me!! I love and miss you!!



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