Friday, December 27, 2013

1 Things To Work On

The new year is right around the corner. I have thought about a few things I could really work on in 2014 to be a new and improved Dani Pants Head.

1. I'm bad at push ups and I can only do like 5 of the girl push ups before my arms get tired. I was the awkward kid in PE every week making sure no one was looking at me while I tried. I can't think of what situation I would need to be good at push ups in, but maybe if I was in a movie like Taken and the captor would only let me go if I did some push ups...? Maybe? I mean, I need to be ready for that.

2. I'm bad at skateboarding. Sean said he didn't know that was possible but I went for his birthday because that's what he wanted to do. I was fully padded, helmeted up and I literally would stand on a skateboard and freak out. I mean, I don't want to be a birthday crasher, but uh, I can't skateboard so don't invite me to your skateboard party.

3. I'm bad at growing plants. This is why I own succulents. I seriously can't keep any plant alive. We have an orchid in our office and it looked sad so I really committed myself to helping it live. I put it by the window and watered it everyday but it just kept getting worse. On an unrelated note, did you know orchids are only supposed to be watered once a week and don't do well in harsh sunlight?

4. I'm also bad at taking the mascara off of my face immediately after a shower. The other night I asked Sean if I had mascara on my face and he told me no. Two minutes later he started laughing hysterically and said " BAHAHA YOU DO HAVE MASCARA ON YOUR FACE AND YOU LOOK LIKE A PANDA!"
Well, well, we can't have that, now can we?

Just some good, classic, new year's resolutions for me to think about.

1 comment:

  1. How I can relate!!! And I am not talking about now even. When I was young, I still could not do the things you are mentioning. My children got their athletic prowess from their Dad or other other family members. It is just not my cup of tea. I can teach a lesson, I can be organized when I want to be, etc Just don't ask me to play on your sports team then and especially NOW. I am an excellent spectator though. :)



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