Sunday, December 22, 2013

1 Queen B

My father-in-law bought all three Mrs. Kents tickets to Beyonce. How cool is he? My in-laws are very good at being cool.

To prove it, the night before the Beyonce concert, we went to my mother and father-in-law's hip hop performance. They totally aced it and had some huge fans (please see photo below).
As soon as Logan saw Sherie and Lloyd go on, he kept yelling, "HI NAMA AND POP POP!! IT'S LOGAN!" Bahah. Fellow audience members liked that.

Literally 30 minutes before we left for the concert the next night, we made some screen t-shirts. Got to represent our girl!

Best girls night ever. We laughed, talked, grabbed dinner and Beyonced ourselves out.

Right before the show. Freaking outttttttttttt!

Two of the coolest gals I know.

And I could share a million cell phone vids, but here's a taste.



Two big thumbs up on this concert. It was pure entertainment. Great company, awesome dancing and crazy incredible vocals. Just in case you were unsure, Beyonce is a very talented woman.

Beyonce is really good at making you feel like you're her good friend during the concert. Afterwards I forgot I wasn't and got the urge to send her a quick text, "Great concert, girl" or "You really outdid yourself on this one," and then I remembered I don't have her number. Such a problem.

Okay, and is there a Beyonce life swap reality show? Because.... how do I sign up for dat?

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  1. Looks like fun to me! Darling pictures of everyone! Kudos to Lloyd! Sheri you DO NOT look like a grandmother at all!!! Beautiful of all of you!



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