Saturday, December 28, 2013

2 Merry Missmas

It was a Merry Missmas, as Logan would say, indeed! Starting Friday my in-laws came down and helped us so much on our house (thank you thank you thank you thank you)!
Afterwards, we were able to go to Mesa for a few days and just relax. Sean and I introduced our in-laws to the show Nashville and yes, we rewatched all of season 1 in two days, and we baked and laughed and relaxed. Perfecto.
The last night we were able to visit the temple and see the lights.

Especially nice night because we were married here 6 months ago! And on a side note, this is also the temple my great great grandparents who were the first members of the church in my family came to to be sealed because it was the closest temple to Florida at the time. Lots of special feelings here and a great night with great company!


  1. This really touched me talking about my own grandparents, Danielle. I felt that special feeling you felt when I was there the day you were married, thinking of them, thinking of their sacrifices, etc so that we might have what we have. The pictures were so beautiful and special and I really loved readign about your time with those wonderful Kents! Such a great family and it makes me happy that you have such wonderful support from them and that you married that cute Sean! Happy New Year to a great couple! Love you lots! Grandmother

    1. I always think of them and glad our family has a connection to this temple too! Love you!



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