Thursday, December 12, 2013

5 It's All Good

If you are on the verge of having a nervous break down, I beg of you, look away.
Now that you've been warned, I introduce to you, our home.
(1) Guest Room (2) Sean's Office (3) Laundry Area (4) Master Bedroom (5) Family Room (6) Kitchen

I pinky promised with all my heart that I wouldn't make Sean do a thing with the house this week. His final is tomorrow (we are both ecstatic) and then we'll get serious again. We have baseboards to install, lots of furniture to build (hence the clothes and junk everywhere), dry wall to install, bookshelves and a washer and dryer to bring home (THANK YOU black friday!!!) and oh yeah, I was so so so done with painting, so, I just stopped. Half way through the kitchen. I am so special.

I am not this girl. I can't live in this mess and ignore it and pretty soon, someone might need to drop me off at the looney bin. I came home from Utah, started attempting to clean and then went in to the bedroom and cried. I'm just glad I'm not over the top and dramatic about it because it would probably be really difficult to live with a person who had a meltdown every time they had to dig through 9 million boxes to find that "one necklace."

Sean, I promise you I will stop being a butthead and I promise you I will finish painting that kitchen even though I'm not 100% sure you'd notice.

He's a really good and patient guy.
10 million points for Sean in the month of December and like, 7 for me.


  1. SO FUNNY! I'm laughing...we are the same person this way...I feel your pain! I also feel Sean's because I'm PRETTY sure he and dad are school? What's that?? haha!

    1. At lunch Sean said "You were really hard on yourself in that post. And, I wish you wouldn't have given me so many points."

      BAHAH. He's nice.

  2. you crack me up. i can imagine living through a remodel is so hard. hang in there sister!!! it will all look amazing in the end, especially with your magic touch to it all

  3. "I wish you wouldn't have given me so many points"! Oh my lanta I am dying! Also, I think you're right. I don't know if Sean will notice the wall. And if he does, I'm sure he'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you did it on purpose...

  4. So great, Danielle! Loved this post because you are so REAL. You and Sean are really cute together and you are a great match. You will help him and he will help you and together you make about a million/billion points! BTW, I loved Leslie's comment! Made me laugh! You make me laugh, too, Danielle! Love you!



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