Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 Utah

I left Utah not looking back. So no one was more surprised than I was when I was counting down the days until I could go back. We had such a fun Thanksgiving and we spent it all in a few hotel rooms at the Marriott. It felt like a vacation for everybody and we had so much fun being in close quarters with my family and having room service. Cha ching!

Ivy kind of stole the show. 

You just can't tell until you're holding her, but she is so teeny tiny! None of her newborn stuff fit her so we would do wardrobe adjustments. Must be nice....

PS- Ivy hearts planking.

Someone asked my dad, "Is Ivy a family name?"
Dad: "Yes. She is named after my great great grandmother's..... plant."
Ugh, I love my dad!

Had to make a stop at a few of our Provo faves that we totally miss in Tucson.
Cafe Rio

Tortilla Bar

And one of the biggest highlights of the trip, going to my old school. This was actually something that was a little hard for me to do. It's definitely the thing I miss the most about Provo and it's been a difficult year not teaching. The kids heard I was coming and the girls even wore Cheetah print (they're the besssst). Luckily it was an inside recess day so I could go to each of their new classrooms and catch up with them. I left the building a little teary eyed. A huge part of my heart is at Westridge.

We stayed up late, we slept in, we went out to eat, went to movies, played games, laughed, shopped, etc. etc. Thanks to my mom and dad for the good times. Love them times a zillion.


  1. I'm the same way about UT! I find myself missing it way more often than I thought I would!!

    1. Yes! And I still didn't have all the time to do every little thing I wanted to. Where has the time gone? Weren't we JUST at BYU getting our little El Ed degree?? Glory days. Love your cute blog and family!

  2. so neat you got to visit your old school! and ivy is a little doll. Elle has that same bunny dress, so cute! i cant wait to meet ivy one day. hopefully soon!

    1. Love you Al! They're heading out to Nashville soon. You miiiiight need to make a trip back with me...?

    2. Oh no they are???? Yup, trip needs to happen. I've always wanted to make it out to your dreamy homeland

  3. Your darling little girl is so perfect. I love her! Also, that last picture? You are STUNNING, my friend! You have such a glow! Utah will miss you :)

    1. I wish she was mine but she's my sister's :) Close enough right! If she's not careful I might steal her though! And thank you for your kind words!!

  4. Another amazing Thanksgiving, wasn't it?? LOVE you all so much and miss you! Home is where the <3 is for sure!

  5. Not enough time to catch up and comment on every post today but just want to say what a favorite this one is! I LOVE to read what you write and always find it interesting, fun, and even educational at times! You are simply the best and I am glad you found the best man, too! Happiness always, Dear Granddaughter!



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