Tuesday, September 17, 2013

3 Tried & True

Tried this recipe and it was super delicious!

I'm a big brussels sprouts fan especially when you can buy a large bag from Costco for cheap (I want to say about $3 dollars) and they last such a long time!

I didn't include chopped pancetta when I made it and the rest of the ingredients I already had (brussels sprouts, salt, pepper, olive oil...). Literally took 3 minutes to put this one together.

You drizzle just a little of either maple syrup or balsamic vinegar on it towards the end. We've tried it both ways in the last week and both were super good!


  1. This sounds so good! I've always been terrified of brussel sprouts because of the following horror story: once my mom was eating a bunch of them raw, and about half way through, she noticed that there were tiny little bugs crawling all over and through them! I really want to try them, but how do you wash them well enough? Am I just the hugest baby on the planet??

  2. Haha oh no Brooke! That would probably traumatize me too... Good luck on your brave endeavor to try brussel sprouts again!



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