Monday, September 16, 2013

5 Struggles

Last week Sean and I were watching The Mindy Project on our free trial of Hulu Plus. It's free, because it's just a trial and it's also free because we don't have money to pay for luxuries like the Plus version of Hulu.

It was very important that we finished the season before our free trial ended because I needed Sean to be able to quote things from it with me and I needed him to be up to speed before the new season started next week.

Well, we had 4 episodes left before we wrapped up season one and I get online to click it and no more Hulu Plus. I started freaking out. Sean said, "Oh whoops, I cancelled it. They were going to bill us in two days."

Oh no. This is terrrrrrible. I acted really dramatic about it mostly because it was fun to make a really big deal on something I knew I could not physically die over. Like, on the mad scale I was probably a 2 out of 10 but to be a little tricky, I acted like I was a 7 out of 10. I didn't throw plates or anything, but I made a scene. And he was laughing because he knew I was really a 2 but that I was acting like a 7.

Then he left for the library and it was just me and my good friends Pinterest and with whom I hang out every night.

Then I stumbled across this picture of a turtle with a wonderful prompt-
This tiny turtle is giving a speech. What is he saying? Who is he speaking to?

Umm, ADORABLE! Am I right?!

So then I facebooked Sean the picture of the turtle and the accompanying photo and told him that I really miss being a teacher and giving fun writing prompts and it's been an extra hard night because I don't have Hulu Plus to distract me from that anymore.

Well, Sean messaged me back on facebook and said he needed to study or something so I'm going to write a story about this turtle and why his arms are like that.

Salmonella Awareness
By Danielle Kent

Sean was a really good sport and wrote a story too once he got home. I really struggled and didn't understand his story until like 2 days later. It's kind of like a riddle.

Sean's Turtle Story
By Sean Kent

Hulu Epilogue:
I got online tonight and tried to sign up for another free trial under my name because the season premier of Mindy Project starts tomorrow and it became more and more important that he knew what was going on and I accidentally signed up for Hulu Plus for the next month. Win/Lose situation.


  1. OK, I'll be honest - I didn't read all of the story you wrote but I did read the whole blog post and was laughing out loud. I miss your dramatic reactions to things and your humor. And last but not least, my family once had a turtle named Tommy the Turtle (so I thought of him in the first line of your story) :)

  2. I LOVE MINDY! My fave show right now. You crack me up! Miss you!

  3. GREAT Stories!! And I understood Sean's completely!! Is it because I've been married to your dad so long? I loved them both a lot! CUTEST pic! Glad you were able to get your Project back! :)

  4. Cutest turtle stories! Loved that creative thinking that is going on there! You two are a really neat couple! Glad you were able to get another free trial, Danielle, to watch your show. I want to check it out, too! I have spent my entire evening (after family time) walking down memory lane on a website about my little hometown in Florida. My sister, Kathy, is a frequent visitor and contributor on it, too. Fun to remember things long forgotten. Be sure to keep on writing in your journal as you will forget many, many things. Love you guys!

  5. Crud. I forgot. :/ Major fail, I'm sorry! Hilarious, though! I love you!



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