Friday, July 19, 2013

10 Tucson, Arizona

So here's the deal.
I ended the school year, packed up my house, searched for a job, planned a wedding and got married a few weeks later, jetted to the Virgin Islands for a fabulous honeymoon, visited the fam bam in Tennessee for a week and moved to Tucson, Arizona.

I need like 15 naps.
Which sounds kind of bratty because I'm pretty sure the rice farmers in China used to work like 20 hour days.

We have been unpacking, returning doubles of gifts and buying all other little necessities. Sean knew we needed to break away from it all and wanted to go camping at Mount Lemmon for the night. He starts med school in a week (eeeek!!) and I know this will be the last break he'll get pretty much for the rest of his entire life so I want him to do whatever he wants the next few days.

I am not nature girl. In fact, I wrote this post about how I'd totally rock surviving in the wild and learned quickly that no one else thought I could. I try so hard to be a cool mountain person but it's just not going to happen. I warned Sean about 74,028 times before we got married because if anyone should go on Man vs. Wild, it should be him.

Regardless, I can always camp out for one night and enjoy it. Last night was beautiful and we had a lot of fun!

Prickly Pears are my favorite. Reminded me of my cute 4th graders and learning about biomes. Nerd alert!

Sean was so prepared. He said he's never felt more pressure to go camping because he was scared I would never go again if he didn't get everything right. Didn't know I was that intimidating. Awesome.

Oh, and dinner was so good I just drooled on my keyboard looking at this. Thanks mom & dad for the grill! Sean's in love.

We celebrated getting our home unpacked by sleeping somewhere else...

 Oh and apparently I think I'm a National Geographic photographer now? Bug pics? What the heck?

I like this Tucson place and I love new adventures. Here's to the next 4 years in our new city!


  1. haha, yay camping!! it looks so fun and pretty! enjoy tucson!

  2. Mt. Lemon is awesome! Glad you're liking it so far! =)

  3. Car camping is the best! Especially when you are married. So happy for you!

  4. OMG I totally live in T-TOWN!!! Its is seriously the BEST!! It can be dirty and ugly towards downtown, and south of the University. But honestly the community is so wonderful! I highly recommend University Blvd for all the delicious mom/pap food, and Campbell/River has a farmers market on Sat/Sun with some yummy restaurants there too! The vineyards are about 45 min south and are wonderful! The caverns are an hour east, so many outdoor hiking/biking/running paths!! Ahh I am so excited for you! if you have ANY questions random or not :)

  5. Tyah! Thank you soo so much! I love these suggestions and I was actually going to look for a farmer's market this week! Thank you for your help!

  6. You're so cute and delightful. Wish we could have come to a celebration! Married life is the best. You both deserve those 15+ naps, and Auntie K does, too. :) Congrats you two la-la-love birds!!

  7. Oh, and if National Geographic doesn't accept those pics they're silly!!!

  8. Haha! The fork and knife tray totally cracks me up! Rewind a year ago, and I bet his packing didn't look like that...or maybe you packed them? So funny! I love that Sean (and you!) so much!

  9. No, mom. It was all him! He thought of everything! He did a good job!

  10. Seriously, Sean thought of it all & did it just right so that you don't hate camping! Good job, Seany boy! These pictures are awesome & that trip looks fun!! <3



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