Tuesday, July 09, 2013

7 Tennessee Open House

Oh, hey. I'm back from the dead! Holy whirlwind!

We got married on June 28th. The day was perfect! I couldn't have asked for anything more. Our family and friends are the best and came from all over to help us celebrate. The next day Sean and I were off to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. I was all about that and more on our Honeymoon, to come.

We are now in Tennessee for a week with my family and Sean's parents. Last night we had an open house at my house and were able to wrap up the wedding festivities for good.

Thanks to all my Tennessee peeps (peeps? Do people say that anymore?) for showing up and for all the help we got! And thanks to my mom who literally hand crafted everything. But seriously.

I will now be taking a year long nap. Some species of animals call that hibernation. Heaven knows I've eaten enough lately that I could survive. Yum Yum Yum I'm a fat kid.

Here are the details from the open house:

We got popcorn from Popcorn Village. The fabric covering the table is from JoAnn's. I'm obsessed. We practically bought the whole bolt of it. I'm daydreaming of more things we can use it for.

My mom handmade everything you see. Little popcorn signs. Precious!

She hand stamped each popcorn box and cut them out. I don't know how she's not ended up in the loony bin by now.

She painted the gold frame and made the Mr. and Mrs. Kent sign. Love that little sign.

She hand painted our welcome sign. We love that sign.

She wrapped these ice cream sandwiches and I wish I had all the details of them. They were darling and nom nom!

The cutest girl in my ward made our cupcakes. I can't even tell you how good there are. Sean called them crack cupcakes and everyone was raving about them last night. If you need a cupcake girl, I can refer you to one. Thanks Emma!!

Thanks again for all your love and support! Wedding day and reception pictures to come soon. Best day ever!


  1. Now I know where you get it from! Your mom is one talented gal! Congrats Dani!

  2. SO beautiful!! Can't wait to see more pictures! Your mom is amazing!

  3. Everything looks so wonderful! And that honeymoon?! Come on, so fun. Congrats!

  4. what design program does she use for all of the labels? gorgeous open house!

  5. Taryn- My mom used My Digital Studio. I use it a lot too and I love it!
    This is where you can find the program:
    Hope that helps!



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