Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5 Tiny Sneak Peeks

We are officially in the single digits folks! 9 days! I have been dying to debut some of my wedding stuff, but I know most of it has to wait. I have some crazy talented people in my circle that have really helped me pull this all together, especially when I was so swamped the last month of school and couldn't do anything wedding oriented.

My sister took our engagement pictures. If you need engagement pictures done in Utah, give her a call. Not only is she good but she'll have you laughing your butt off the whole time. I love her! If you're going to have a sister, Rachel is the best one to have.

My good friend Sara's sister Kelly designed our invites. She drew all the flowers by hand and then created the rest on the computer. She is seriously the sweetest girl and I couldn't have been more thrilled with how they turned out. She is super, super talented. Thank you Kelly!

My mom got kraft envelopes and created a dotted paper on a computer program and hand lined all the envelopes with the paper (the woman is crazy crafty, I just let her do her thing)! Thank you momma! She is also hand sewing my custom dress. She has far too much energy.

Rachel also came in to my classroom and, with a release from my students' parents, recorded a completely hilarious wedding video that we will play at the reception. She asked them what their best marriage advice is, who will be the bossiest (umm, they all said me without hesitating... whattt??), if I'll be a good cook, etc. The video is darling and I will always treasure it. Thanks again Rachy Roo!

I feel like the crafts and to-dos could go forever but I'm so happy we're almost there!

Unfortunately I can't share too much more. But the dress, the cake, the centerpieces and all the other teeny tiny wedding details I didn't even know existed a few months ago, are all coming along. I have had FOUR showers so far (more to come on that) that have been so beautiful and people have been so generous. Having so many parties and getting so much attention has been a little awkward for me because I really feel that I cannot repay everyone for all the things they've done and I'm not very good about having a lot of attention on me (although Sean and my 4th graders would TOTALLY disagree).


  1. Hi Danielle, I've been a closet reader of your blog for a looong time now. Probably longer than I want to admit =) I found you through Allison (Nielson) who I used to work with at a couple jobs when we were in high school. Anyway, I wanted to tell you congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and when I read that you now live in AZ I felt even more compelled to er, come out of the closet, if you will, as one of your readers. That was weird. But anyway, LOVE your blog and congrats again!!! =)

  2. Gorgeous invites Dani! I am sure your wedding will be fabulous!! Good luck in these last couple weeks!!

  3. Oh my HECK! Darlingest invites ever. You guys are such a beautiful couple. I hope the next 9 days just fly by!!

  4. Alexa has this invite on her personal magnet board in her room. She TREASURE'S it!! She misses you dearly and wishes that we could fly out there for the reception to surprise you (doesn't understand the whole "ya gotta have money first" thing. ;)

  5. Your invites are stunning. Seriously, I love them. & your whole wedding will be BEAUTIFUL. I can hardly wait. Also, Weston opened our it looked like a grizzly bear opened it. RIP cute dotted envelope.



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