Monday, June 17, 2013

8 Leash Kids

So many people are debating marriage equality and border control these days but I think there is another important topic we have really neglected: whether or not it's okay to put your child on a leash.

Before we begin, we need to talk about a hashtag I just made up one second ago, #tbm, which stands for #throwbackmonday

Anyways, it's been confirmed from both families that Sean and I had lots of silly energy as children.
I mean, I've heard a few little Sean stories that make me think I might have my hands very full one day.


So here's the thing about Sean and I having kids: I think they're going to be leash kids.*

I used to always judge parents at Disney World with kids on leashes. I thought, "maybe if your kid is on a leash, you shouldn't have a kid and you should have a dog or a ferret instead." **

But now I'm feeling bad for those parents because it's like, they wanted kids, not dogs or ferrets and their kids have a lot of energy and the parents can't help that! Parents with leash kids just don't want to lose their children, that's all. Shouldn't we be commending them for having such a tight grip on their offspring? They're the most responsible parents around! Plus, if your kids are on a leash, you could probably have twice as many of them.

Lately I've seen some super cool leash backpacks.
Look how happy this girl/boy is to know that her/his mom will never, ever let go of her/him.

There's one brand that sells leash backpacks now called "The Kid Keeper" which is the most genius name of all time. Seriously if you're going to go through all the late night feedings, diaper changes, the crying, the labor, I feel like you'd totally want to keep your kid as opposed to not keeping it.

Having a leash kid is one of the big parenting decisions in life.
Should the kids have a curfew?
Do we reward good grades extrinsically?
Do we make our teenagers get a job in the summer?
What is the best way to discipline our children?
Should we put all our kids on leashes at Seaworld?

It's going to be a different decision for everyone and you'll have to take into consideration your own children, but please don't judge if in 10 years you see me with 700 kids on animal leash backpacks. I mean, I never thought it would come to that, and hopefully it won't, but if it does, maybe just grab a leash and help a sister out.

I have never discussed having leash kids with Sean and I'm pretty sure he will hate the idea with all his heart.
** They have a nice selection of ferret leashes at PetSmart.


  1. haha I never thought I would even consider a leash backpack for my children until this nino of mine grew up to be a two year old that won't. stop. jumping. I'm totally serious. He is out of control. Although I haven't caved and put a leash on him, I'm thinking the next big public area we are in, it will have to happen. lol that picture will for sure be on ig haha

  2. "Seriously if you're going to go through all the late night feedings, diaper changes, the crying, the labor, I feel like you'd totally want to keep your kid as opposed to not keeping it." Oh my word I'm dying haha.

  3. Ummm, I was a leash kid....most of my childhood.

  4. Maren. I can picture you being a leash kid and it makes me really happy.

  5. I'm with Kelsey. Never got it until my kid started running faster than me. Haven't done it yet but can definitely see the merit. It's scary how quickly he can run out of sight and after two babies, my doctor has put an x on any running for me!

    And dude. Your kids are gonna be so cute.

  6. I'm peeing my pants. omg.
    Ferrets & kids are comparable.

  7. So you always thought my mom was a bad mom? THIS WHOLE TIME?? I just thought you thought I was a horrible child. Less that my mom shouldn't have a kid, and more that I shouldn't have been alive. hahahhaha

  8. 1. You are hilarious.
    2. Sometimes I feel like we live parallel lives...
    3. So happy for you and Sean.



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