Friday, June 21, 2013

3 Auntie Dan

I've always wanted to be an auntie before I was a mom. It's the only time you can really be obsessed with kids so much that you're obnoxious but also hand them back when you're done.
Being the oldest in my family, I always just thought I'd be an mom first though. I also thought I'd get married first. Well, that didn't happen... (happy almost 3 year anniversary to my little sister and her hubby).
I'm proud to announce though that Rach and Wes will be having a GIRL in November! So exciting. Long story short, they have been trying for a couple years, had in vitro scheduled in New York and literally the day before they went to New York, Rachy Roo found out she was preggers. The trip was canceled and now they have this little booger that we're all overjoyed for. Ah, the miracle of life.
(Does anyone else have absolutely NO clue what is going on those creepy ultra sound pictures?)
I literally have been daydreaming about bows, ruffles, frills and glitter since I found out yesterday. There goes my paycheck.

Sean has two nephews and I looooooooove them. They are seriously the cutest/my favorite little boys in the world.

Nephew/Niece count in 2012: 0
Nephew/Niece count in 2013: 3

Yes, yes, yes!

And since we're counting....
Husband count in 2012: 0
Husband count in 2013: 1

Sean's in Mexico with his buddies doing who knows what because I can't get a hold of him (I'm also watching the news and haven't seen him yet so we're good), I just had another shower last night (more to come on that) and we get married in a week. Most everything is done so I'm just doing all the fun girly pre-wedding things now which of course, I love. Life is good and fun and busy. Countdown is on!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I cannot believe the countdown is down to a week. TIME HAS FLOWN. For a minute there it felt like your wedding was forever away. Gah. I'm so happy for you Deej & pretty obsessed with Sean. This will be fun fun fun. happyhappyhappy. good good good. I'm weird. Love you!

  2. Ah you already are the best aunt to my little Elle I can't imagine when the baby is your own kin! I'm sooooo excited for you and Rach and the whole fam!

  3. I tried to comment on this earlier but the internet was down and especially anxious to write to Spencer! But it is up and running now! Yay! You will make an awesome auntie, Danielle! I enjoyed your little count down. I will put one up for me.
    2012 3 great grands
    2013 6 great grands!!!

    Doubling my wealth!

    So many things to be happy about in 2013. Your wedding will be amazing and happy times for not only you but all your family and Sean's family!



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