Wednesday, April 03, 2013

7 I'm Engaged!! Day 3

Okay guys!
It's true.
I'm engaged!!
We are so excited. I was honest to goodness blindsided and had absolutely no clue what Sean had up his sleeve but for some reason (even though everyone and their mom told me he would), I didn't think he would propose over spring break. But he did and we're happy happy!
We don't have a date set.
I don't have a venue or a dress or flowers.
The to-do list by the minute is getting longer for school stuff, wedding stuff, etc.
Because he starts school the end of July, it has sped things up quite a bit, but when it's right and good, you don't walk, you run. We are thrilled!
I'll put our story up here so everyone can know what Sean Boy's deal is and also all about the proposal.

Right after the deal was sealed.

We went to the Opryland Hotel for the afternoon and were just walking around the gardens.

Back at home the whole gang was waiting to celebrate. Everyone knew but me! Quite a feat considering I'm the most curious cat out there and I end up finding out about these sorts of things.

At night we started a little fire in our backyard and just laughed and planned together. Oh, and Bella has a new favorite human.....

I promise I will get pics of the ring up and let you know when to mark your calendars, soon!
The next few months are going to be a wild ride y'all!


  1. I asked my doctor yesterday when the latest I could drive to and from TN would be, haha. I just pray this baby isn't born on the side of the road in the Appalachian Mountains. I'm so excited for you ya'll!!!!!!!

  2. WOO HOO! Congrats Danielle! You guys are a darling couple :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yesssss. More details! More pictures! Love you!!!

  5. yay!!!! so happy for you danielle! i'm kind of a stalker of your blog and i think you're super awesome. :)

  6. Love it! & I'm still Bella's favorite human. But he can be her favorite boy human!

  7. SO excited and happy for you guys!!



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