Tuesday, April 02, 2013

0 Spring Break: Day Dos

Today was fun! Started off by spending a few hours at the Carnton Plantation which was a home of a prominent family turned into a field hospital during the Civil War. Ugh, can you imagine out of nowhere having thousands of soldiers in your yard fighting and just dragging hundreds of them wounded into your home and caring for them? The last soldier finally left the home 7 months after the battle. Crazy things happened here. The Battle of Franklin was the bloodiest 5 hour period of the Civil War. Now I will shut my mouth and show you some pictures. I love this place.

Sean in front of the McGavock family's slave home.

230 soldiers just from Tennessee killed in the Battle of Franklin.

Largest confederate graveyard in the nation.

I made Sean eat fried okra for lunch. He was a fan. I love okra.

We were able to go to the Bluebird for dinner. I love the Bluebird and it's one of my family's faves. I was a little worried with the show Nashville starting up, that from here on out we'd never be able to get a spot at dinner again but the stars were aligned and Sean and I even got to sit front row right next to Danielle Peck!

There are always super talented singers performing and I just want so many of them to make it big so I can buy their music and listen to them all the time.

Met up with Danielle Peck after the show.

This girl was a favorite. Her lyrics were clever and she is super talented. This song is about her cheating boyfriend. Ahhhaha! Funny. Sean bought me her cd and he's probably bugged because I can't stop singing. Whatevs.

Another fun day!

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