Sunday, November 18, 2012

4 Gobble Gobble

Lucky for me, I was able to come back to Tennessee Friday night for Thanksgiving break. Since going to college, two of my Thanksgiving trips home were because of a traumatizing break up that had just taken place.

Crying through the security line, can't get my shiz packed in a suitcase, traumatizing break ups.

Both times, my dad quickly booked me a last minute flight (bless him) back home and then my parents had to deal with me trying really hard to be grateful for a week even though I hated everything in the world and would rather lay in bed and die than eat stuffing and play football.

Happy to say, this year I am not home because of a break up (Glory Hallelujah!)

Not only that, but life is actually just plain good. I don't know how else to say it. Maybe all this talk about being "grateful blah blah blah" has had me really stop to smell the roses.

I totally lucked out with the best family & friends. They put my wants and needs above their own. I have the world's BEST class and THE best job. No lie. I have the gospel. I have a testimony. I live in America. I have an awful lot of cute clothes and boys.

We are happy.

Oh, and I am home.
Winner winner chicken dinner.


  1. Next time stuff me in your suitcase, k?

  2. hip hip hooray for being home!!! enjoy the break!

  3. Great picture and great post, Danielle!



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