Friday, November 02, 2012

3 DIY Polka Dots

All about the polky dots right now! I actually made this table runner a while back but just never posted it. A couple people asked how I did it and it's so easy it's embarrassing but here's what you'll need:
Krylon Gold Glitter Blast - (Hobby Lobby $7, but don't forget to use your 40% off coupon!! aka $4.20)  and ps- this stuff is amazing, I always have a supply of it in my craft closet.
White Table Runner - (Ikea $7)
Circle Stencil - (Hobby Lobby $2)
My brain constantly wants to make a pattern so that just kind of happened. I think a scattered circle table runner would be darling too! I laid the stencil down, covered the exposed edges and sprayed the glitter! Voila!

The rest of my table- Mason Jar with the inside painted gold, I made the print and the white frame I got at Ikea. Love that place.

Polka dot project numero dos I did with Sarri Doo. This is my new teacher bag and I love it!
I got all of the materials at Hobby Lobby (can you tell I love that place??)
Acrylic Paint (I used neon pink- $2)
Textile Medium ($2) *This is important! You will need this to make your paint into fabric paint.
Canvas Tote ($3)
1/4" dauber or pencil eraser
(1) Mix 2 parts acryclic paint and 1 part textile medium in a bowl (2) Use 1/4" dauber or pencil eraser to make your polka dots. I put them randomly on the bag.

Love the polka dots! Got to remember to chill out sometimes.

Oh and, living room COSTUME CHANGE! How is it November? I'm kind of freaking out.


  1. I really love that quote, Danielle! So relevant for today's world!

  2. I love it too and I'm missing you bunches Grams! Can't wait for Christmas!



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