Thursday, November 22, 2012

5 Happy Thanksgiving!

I guess it's an appropriate time to feel grateful, but in the last month or so I really have been having so many epiphanies. Blesssings have not only been put in front of me, but I have actually recognized them which tends to be the harder part.
I woke up early the other morning. The house was really quiet. I looked out the window and everything was so peaceful. It was a really good time for me to just think and reflect which I feel like I don't have a lot of time to do with the hustle and bustle of things.
In the last couple years I have made a conscious effort to not sit and dwell on my own challenges (except I'm human, so I totally mess up). I often think about how in this time of my life I do not want to become selfish. It's really easy to do that because I do whatever I want, whenever I want. I have such a fear that I will become a self absorbed person only concerned with my life and my own challenges and my own successes and I will forget to look outside of me.
I think of my teeeeeeny tiny trials in life- I go through yet another break up because the boy can't quite get his act together. I'm far too familiar with this. Lucky for me, I have an empathetic mom and sister who also do not allow for pity parties. After the last chico pulled a fast one, I went home and told my mom and the only thing she said was, "Well, hop back on the horse."
Didn't leave much time for "woe is me."
She's right. And how can I sit and pout and sulk thinking life isn't fair when I have been given so much? I hear of a car accident less than 48 hours ago and a young BYU freshman is killed. It honestly broke my heart yesterday and I found myself crying to sleep because of the pain I felt for that family. There are people with physical disabilities. There are single moms struggling to make ends meet.
I have been blessed and there is no doubt about it.
I am one of the worsts when it comes to stuff. I love things. I love shopping and clothes but that does not even hold a light to the wonderful family, friends and testimony I have.
A few years ago I lived in a 3rd world country for the summer and it changed me. I know girls joke about it sometimes, but I can honestly say since that summer I have not thought even once, "Ugh. I wish I was her" or "I wish I had that coat."
I think how sad it would be to live your life always wanting something more. We have been given enough. Until we learn to be happy with what we already have, we will not be content and we will not have inner peace.
That's my soapbox on Thanksgiving. I hope no one mistakes this for me thinking I'm awesome and perfect and so selfless. I'm progressing in life like everyone else but I do think it's extremely important to reflect and look outside of ourselves especially during this time of the year and to be grateful for what we already have and for the things which truly are important!
Happy Thanksgiving sweet family and friends!


  1. The freshman who died was in my stake at home in Houston. Her family is amazing. I don't know them well at all but it broke me heart and really made me think about the way we treat the ones we love and how we just take our family and friends for granted because they are always there. Made me cry as well. I loved this post, thanks for writing it!

  2. You're amazing. Thanks for this post and sweet reminder to count our blessings!

  3. I know Breanna! My aunt and cousins knew them as well so I figured you probably knew the family as well. It's heart breaking!

  4. This post really touched my heart, Danielle. You have a way of doing that with your writing and just being you. I have also mourned over the loss of this young girl and what the young man and his family must be going through is so heart wrenching! Life can be so very hard sometimes but we have the very thing that will heal and bless and that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You are blessed to understand the value of it so early in life!

  5. You are just incredible!! LOVE love love this post.



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