Sunday, November 25, 2012

3 Les & Mag

What a magical day! Second to last Cheetah Girl got married yesterday (which of course leaves yours truly... this WILL happen).
I am beyond ecstatic for my sweet, clever, funny, talented, amazing friend! Everything turned out perfectly.

Magarin was a good sport and sang along with LesBug. They did a great job! I only have little clips of each song.

This is a song Leslie surprised Magbo with.

After everything was cleaned up and the day was over, I was lying in bed thinking about how lucky I've been to be at every one of my friends' weddings. I have seen all of them so happy and so in love which of course makes me so happy!
Congrats to Les & Mag. You two could not be more perfect for each other and I'm thrilled I could share your special day with you!

PS- Dear Natalie Camp Heylen. I still owe you a wedding tribute blog post. It'll come.


  1. What a strikingly beautiful bride Leslie is! You ALL look really beautiful in the pretty yello! Such an array of georgous girls but, my darling granddaughter, you rate at the top of my list here! Love you very much!

  2. Wow, Les looks gorgeous, of course! I'm glad it turned out to be such a perfect day! How great for both of them! and I'm so glad you got to go, Deejy! <3

  3. thanks for the pics and videos dan! les looked gorgeous (as did you) and i got goosebumps listening to her sing!



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