Monday, October 15, 2012

6 Be Still, My Beating Heart

I've taken an overload of pictures on my phone and Chaser's camera, so beware, they're about to explode all over you, but I couldn't help myself!

My youngest brother, Punky man.

Quite windy.

When I got to Tennessee Thursday evening, everything was still green. The leaves have all changed in the last 48 hours and I was lucky enough to be home. Yesterday was a rainy, sort of gloomy day. But I love days like that! Felt so peaceful.

Today has been so sunny and absolutely beautiful. I took this picture from our back patio.

There's a possibility I'm biased, but I think I have the prettiest backyard in all the world.

This is Bella Bug's domain. She kept following me around while I was taking pictures, that cute dog.

Tonight I head back to Utah. I want to cry, I love Tennessee!


  1. Yes my dear! Kari is a real winner and purchased that bad boy for me :)

  2. You look great, Deej! Beautiful pics! I miss Tennekee...

  3. Oh, this was amazing! Loved all the pictures, loved the write up and especially love you! I miss our beautiful Tennessee, too! Out of the four of us, your Mom is the only one getting to enjoy it right now. But one day soon...yep, I'll be Tennessee bound! Really looking forward to being home again with all those I love back there! Thanks for sharing, Danielle, it was fantastic blogging!



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