Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 Tricky Me

I am home! Praise all that is good, I love this place!
Today was my mom's birthday... a little shout out to Kari:
She's funny, energetic, thoughtful, organized, creative, artsy, kind, selfless and a little fireball.
I decided I should spend my fall break in the dirty dirty south to celebrate Momma K. Plus, my heart needs a little Tennessee every once in awhile.
I put a gold bow on my head and jetted out of Utah. Except I only kind of jetted because I flew standby... rissssky business. Almost didn't make it, but I'm here and everyone's happy, even Bella Bugs though it looks like she's trying to escape.

I totally fooled my mom. She didn't even remember it was my fall break so when I called her in the car on the way to the airport this morning, she asked if I was headed to school.
Easiest allibi.
Chase caught the surprise on vid. I told him to be discrete so he hid in the rose bushes. This kid's not messing.


 Happy as a clam, tonight. More pictures to come!


  1. i just cried a little, haha! so cute

  2. Now that video put the biggest smile on my face tonight! I LOVED that you did that and gave your Mother such a great surprise! She was so thrilled to have you come home for those few days, Danielle! Chase, thanks for your efforts to record the happy homecoming!Just the best surprise, Danielle! We love our children and grands and there is nothing like having time together that warms the heart so completely!



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