Thursday, October 18, 2012

4 Fall Colors Clothing Edition

I could never be a fashion blogger. It's way too big of a responsibility. You can't wear yoga pants to quickly grab a gallon of milk at the store and you have to put bow ties on your dog. Both of which i do/don't do. So I hope no one interprets this as my attempt to enter the fashion blogging world and be cool enough to blog about my outfits everyday. However, I do love clothes/getting ready, and always have. I can remember being 7 and thinking to myself, "Why is that boy wearing stripes and plaid on the same outfit?" As we all know, this is very advanced thinking for such a young child.

I made a goal this year to not wear just black through fall/winter. Not that black is bad. I have like 12,000 pairs of black jeans but that's just so I can get away with not wearing dress pants to work. (Sick.)

Here are some of my latest faves from the closet. Two things you should know beforehand: (1) I have a roommate, but not really because she's engaged aka never here, so I had to do selfies which is super nerdy but also super cool, like Selena Gomez. (2) I took these pictures right after I ate too much for dinner.
(1) My homeless neon Cheetah sweater. IN LOVE. I could wear this every minute of every day. It's long, comfy and Sasha Fierce. (2) OMG (3) Bulky sweater over a chambray button up over a white V. All about the layers. (4) Love mixing patterns! Wore it with a curly pony because I felt straight out of the 50's. (5) Crazy blazer with neon pink lace top. Mmmmazing. Who finds neon lace in October?? I knew it was a steal. (6) Leather jacket, scarf, blouse, boots. Pretty typical. (7) Stripes and floral or stripes and cheetah. Love both those combos (8) Bright, tighter sweaters. Simple but you don't feel like a frump.

My fall staples are a couple good coats, leggings, scarves to mix things up, some long blouses and lots of boots!

PS- Loving the color in the hats this year!
I might have a collection. I know they're similar but this would be one of the positives of not being married.
See, to men, if you have one shirt that has a bow on it, you have every shirt in the history of shirts that has a bow on it. "Don't you already have one like that?" -Ex Boyfriends

It's like, seriously dude, I'm not going to write a compare/contrast essay for you on my bow shirts! You just need to trust me on this.

The point is, at this stage of my life, no one tells me "Dano, those things are way too similar. Pick one." It won't be this way forever unless my super awesome Huz is especially awesome and let's me do things like become obsessed with one kind of style for a month and buy too much of it. I don't think those type of awesome husbands exist though. All my single ladies, stock up now. Feast then famine.

So here's to my one(ish) style post per year! Feeling good people. Also feeling a little cold. Freaking me out.


  1. You are too cute for words! I want your closet. PS- If you started a fashion blog, I'd be your first follower! XO

  2. Hottie. And you could be a fashion blogger. Let's get real, who doesn't want to look as good as you?

  3. Fun posting, Danielle! You have such wonderful good taste and I love the thing you wear and you look so great in them! How do you stay so trim?

  4. OBSESSED with those hats! Also, I feel like you're talking to me. If I have a shirt that fits I have every shirt that fits and don't need any more! hahah I wish I was kidding! Anyways I really want that hat. & your wardrobe! You always look so classic and beautiful! Way to go, Buttons!



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