Sunday, September 09, 2012

6 Happy Sunday!

At the beginning of the school year, I always set a little goal for myself. This year I decided I want this to be my motto:
I watched a little clip recently about a humble and poor woman who weaves for a living. Dewitt Jones is a  National Geographic photographer who interviewed her. He asked her, "What do you think about as you weave?" and she responded, "When I weave, I weave."

I thought that was the best thing I had ever heard!

I decided right then and there that whatever I do, body and mind I'll be all there. It's easy to do half crap jobs. We feel pressured to multi-task.
When I work, I work. When I'm with people I love, I'm with people I love (no phone, no tv, no computer, no distractions). When I'm home at night, I'm home, relaxing not working. When I'm in a relationship, I'm in it. When I'm on vacation, I'm chilling out under an umbrella in my swimmysuit (hopefully).

I posted my new print in my room to remind me. So here's to my 2012-2013 goal. We'll give it a shot!
Happy Sunday.


  1. Cool plan! I love it! You're just great, Danielle!

  2. i love this dan! so awesome. i might need to print this and make it my motto as well

  3. You guys want a copy?? I can email it to you!

  4. Danielle, we show the Dewitt Jones motivational DVD's to our job searchers out here. They are really good, aren't they? We have three of his DVD's. It is such a good idea to be in the moment, like you say, and appreciating it!

  5. More raised hands!! I want one! Love it. did you make this in mds? you are amazing!



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