Monday, September 10, 2012

3 Lellie Loo

Guess who's back y'all!!
Yes yes yes.

Nevermind that I look like the Jolly Green Giant standing next to this Cheetah, she's come back from New York and that's all that matters! She keeps saying something about 'only moving back to Provo because she's about to marry her boyfriend that she's so obsessed/in love with blah blah BS' but she keeps forgetting she really headed back to Zion for me.

I was so nervous to be living with some crazy fool that didn't know how to live it up and didn't make me laugh and didn't harmonize to "Party in the U.S.A" with me while spooning on the lovesac. This girl can do all those things. I have literally laughed so hard, I've cried everyday this week.

It's just her and I, living in probably the sketchiest part of Provo.
Loving life.
Mean muggin.


  1. So nice that you get your sweet friend back for a little while, Danielle! Enjoy!

  2. um hi. that outfit is a dream. i want it all.

  3. Bahahaha Mean muggin. yes. yes we are. I LOVE YOU DANO!



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