Saturday, September 08, 2012

3 Happy Life

So, this actually happened- I cried yesterday from feeling so overwhelmed.

Hahaha and then I got home and laughed because crying is stupid, I'm much tougher than that. I forget how these first few weeks go! Nothing a lazy Saturday can't fix.

Last 3 weeks = little to no sleep, superdy doooperdy cute/great class this year (I'm seriously in heaven), late nights and early mornings, the best of friends, awesome siblings, weeknight dates, weekend dates, tons of laughs.
(1) Taking naps everyday! What?? I'm not a napper, but must. recharge. batteries. (2) Bathroom setup (3) I love my job. Love. (4) Les and I helping out a local Chevron station (5) Babysitting the cutest baby Hank that I know (6) Jada Bugg at Krugh's birthday party. In the bouncy house. Covered in blue frosting. Cutest cousin evidence #2.

I realize my life is looking semi lame/boring. It's feeling anything but lame/boring. Fall break is in a month. I'm currently taking vacation suggestions and searching for vacation buddies. New York or Tennessee, anyone?


  1. Cute, Danielle! Glad all is well with you! Come to TN for fall break! When is it? Or we could go to Switz...just a random alternative, but also a possibility...hahaha! xoxoxoxo



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