Monday, September 03, 2012

4 Cheetah Cub Shower!!

Throwing Bridal Showers was soooo 2009. Now we're into throwing baby showers.
So excited for the arrival of the very FIRST Cheetah Cub!
Al is having a girl, of course.
Back in 2009, Al Pal got married to Sambo. We made this awesome cake with Ken dancing out of the top, only to discover the cake was a liiiitttle too short and Ken was exposed. He was totally not even embarrassed though.

So putting naked babies on top of the cupcakes was a must for this girl's shower.

Such a fun night celebrating one of my all time favorites with all the Cheetahs who still reside in Provo (we're missing a lot of friends right now, sad face)! Love my Allison and I know she will be the very best mom. Any day now.....


  1. i might just need to copy and paste this whole post to my blog for my personal documentation :) such a fun and lovely night! thank you!!!!!!!

  2. So entertaining! I guess you know I love to read your blog! Just wish I had more time with it and I get behind. Love you!



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