Thursday, June 21, 2012

8 Summerish Things

Well we're at that point in the summer where I start praying superdy dooperdy hard that the kids that are about to be placed in my class for next year are meant to be with me.
The school that I teach at has A M A Z I N G teachers, but sometimes I believe there's a right "fit."
I am the biggest sucker for cheesy teacher quotes. It just happens.
We are also at the point of the summer where I make a lot of prints because I have an ample amount of time. I will not tell you how long I spend each day designing prints and finding amazing fonts to download (I am a giant font snob) because that would just be embarrassing. Nevertheless, it happens.

I have done wedding invites, baby announcements, quotes for homes, blog headers, cards and more! A few people have asked if I wouldn't mind designing something for them. But of course!

I do a lot of things for my classroom as well
I hear, "but that's not fair!" 8 billion times a day......

Labels for my friend Whitney's baby's first birthday party!

Also, all you bloggers out there, please let me know what your blog address is! I love finding new blog friends & no worries, I don't think it's creepy. If I thought it was creepy, my blog would be private :)

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Little shameless plug never hurt anyone!


  1. I'm so excited to share your awesome work. My first post goes up in 5 minutes at! Come over and check it out. Thanks for sharing, Dani!!! <3

  2. Can I maybe have those teacher prints? I love them!


  3. You are so darling and talented, it's a little sickening. In the best way possible of course ;)

  4. Ally, I'd love to give you the teacher prints! I have a few more that I haven't posted that I can email as well. What email should I send them to?

  5. Brooke-
    Thanks for your cute compliment! You are too sweet :)

  6. LOVE these Danielle! You could probably sell that awesome software... ;) But your great design eye and color memory talent sure helps! I sure love you! These are so cute!

  7. OMGOODNESS! These comments are NOT from Elder Stolworthy! LOL! I am obviously logged in to Spencer's Gmail (as per request from him). Yipes! hahaha...I think Spencer's just a wittle too busy to be blogging!


    I absolutely LOVE your blog, you are so cute and hilarious!



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