Friday, June 22, 2012

2 Teeny Bopper

It's no secret that I have an unequivocal love for boy bands/boy teen heart throbs.
One Direction has once again solidified that.

A few summers ago I was JAMMING with no inibitions to the Jonas Brothers in my car completely forgetting Spencer was sitting next to me. He was not okay with how very into it I was and he made that quite clear.
(Update: A couple weeks ago one of One Direction's songs came on Shuffle on his iPod... and he knew all the words. Oops. Caught red handed.)

So what is it that has me so hooked? Why did I try so incredibly hard at our faculty white elephant gift exchange party this year to end up with the Justin Bieber poster?

Maybe it's because I feel like they wrote these songs about me.
Maybe it's because I'm absolutely obsessed with boy's fluffy hair.

Or maybe it's that their outfits coordinate enough to make them adorable but are different enough to make them look like they all coincidentally showed up looking snazzy.

I'll always have the Bieber Fever, 
but I can't decide if One Direction will trump my love for Justin because there's 5 of them (+5 points), none of them are dating Selena Gomez (+1 point), and they have accents (+8 million points).

But if we're looking for a more age appropriate crush, Scooter Braun will always win. I wrote a rough draft love letter to Scooter just asking him if he'd at least marry me or something but I'm still waiting to find out through OK! magazine that he's dumped his girlfriend. Girlfriends always get in the way.


  1. I don't know how we aren't best friends by now. I am such a sucker for boy bands.

  2. It is the worst but still doesn't feel creepy... strange.



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