Sunday, March 06, 2011

7 Scooter Fever?

Saw the Justin Bieber movie tonight & it was amazing. We wore our Bieber shirts and sang every song with pride. Never have I seen so many firework hearts & girls BAWLING their eyes out in one movie. It's probably the funnest thing I've done in awhile which could tell you how cool I am or how uncool I am depending on how cool you are.
I just fell in love with....

.....Scooter Braun, Bieber's talent manager.

Everyone else squealed when Beiber hit the foreground. I died everytime Scooter appeared in the background. So dreamy. So after we left the theatre and all my roommates kept saying they were going to end up in jail for lusting over JB, I finally said, "Oh my gosh guys! I'm so in love with..... SCOOTER!" Everyone just looked at me. "Who's Scooter?"
Umm did you not just sit through the same movie I did for 2 hours? Did you not long for the more age appropriate crush? How could you miss Scooter?

On the other hand, sitting by Leslie Hiatt might've been one of life's best decisions thus far. Hilarious. She seemed to accidentally make some sort of pedophile comment every time the theatre went quiet. "I'm about to pull a Demi Moore on this kid."

Anyways, in the end she decided that it's a good thing tomorrow's Saturday because now she can just choose to lie in bed and cry tomorrow morning. Oh goodness, that's a bad case of Bieber Fever if I've ever seen it.


  1. ooops that was me. love, leslie

  2. You BOTH have good taste! Scooter and JB...WOW!!! Can we send the missionaries first then I can give my blessing on your union! xoxox

  3. Scooter's Jewish and I'm fine with that.

  4. oh how i love leslie. and you. and the biebs. be still my heart!

  5. The Pump teacher at my gym (who has my name tattoed on his arm btw) always asks us if we have the Bieber Fever. He saw the movie with his daughter and that it was so inspiring.

    I think this blog is inspiring.

  6. Very entertaining blog post, Danielle! You know I love Justin Bieber, too, but in a grandson sorta way. lol Scooter doesn't sound like a good match for you, my dear, but we can always dream, can't we.



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