Friday, March 04, 2011

3 happy birthday SEUSS dude!

The day had just started and my kids were already wild as ever because today we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday! Love that guy.
I told them they could bring healthy snacks (we then had to clarify the word "healthy".... "is soda healthy?"), blankets, ONE stuffed animal and a pillow as long as they could fit it into their backpack. Cy brought a stuffed animal that went up to my waist.... He then told me he spent an hour stuffing it into his backpack last night. Well, he did follow the rule I guess. I then spent 10 minutes at the end of the day restuffing it back into his backpack because I would hate to see him waste another hour of his life. Broke into a little sweat but I did do it in a fraction of the time.
After PE and our spelling test, we read all day. So so so so so nice for them and ME. (This week I totally get why the teacher burnout rate is 5 years but am wondering why the burnout rate isn't one year.) I read "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" and am loving it so far!
Got to page 171 while still monitoring the class. My kids cannot stop talking how I must be the fastest reader in the world. I didn't even deny it when they were telling all their friends after school.


  1. I saw the movie and it was excellent. I have it here if you want to see it, Danielle, when you come home. I didn't know there was a book. Heard today that you were coming home for a Mom and Daughter trip! So nice for both of you! Love you, Grandmother

  2. That movie was so good. It was kinda like a slap in the face though. Totally didn't end how I thought it would.

  3. I want to see the movie! & I love the story about Cy...hilarious!



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