Tuesday, March 08, 2011

2 gigglesworth returns?

Parent-teacher conferences.... hmm. I woke up with absolutely no voice on Friday. I had a yucky cough, it was all very no bueno. I took a little medicine in the morning to help me through my long 2nd day of conferences. You must know, I never take medicine so I have a very low tolerance to anything.
After the kiddos had taken their spelling tests, we swapped them and started grading. On about word 10, I found that my endorphins were extra happy. I suddenly feel the urge to laugh hysterically. However, I try to suppress it and instead my pitch just gets higher and higher. My kids are l0oking up and grinning. I apologize and continue.
From about word 15 on, I could not get through a word without laughing hysterically.
"Number 17 is river. R-I-(voice gets higher, pause)-V-bahahahhahahaahahhaha I'm so sorry! bahahahahhaha-E-hahbaha, I'm sorry!-R."
It was ridiculous and I started to get a little embarrassed because my kids were laughing (in the, 'she's crazy' way). In the end, I had to write words 20-25 on the board because I was laughing so hard.
I'm pretty sure I was kkkkrunk off cough medicine. Or completely slap happy from saying, "Susie has great comprehension and fluency. You can see it in her reading scores.... blah blah bafhoei" over and over and over and over again.

It reminded me of my 7th grade nickname, Gigglesworth. My teacher named me that when he noticed I had a bad case of uncontrollable giggles always. Like, to the point where I can't even control my body and I'm collapsing on the floor. No reason at all. I'm afraid Gigglesworth returns quite often around 9pm at the Mansion. Poor, poor Cheetahs.
My ducklings saw the for real Gigglesworth for the first time on Friday, bless their little hearts.


  1. I should spend more time with you. I could use a Ms. Gigglesworth in my life.



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