Wednesday, March 09, 2011

2 embarrassing

I don't get embarrassed easily, but I have to tell you, I might've been a little red a few assemblies ago. Picture this:
Every assembly we have WOW awards for our kids where we pick two students a month who have done a really good job (aka, they haven't broken a desk, terrorized a sub or deleted someone else's entire project on the disk drive.... to be funny).
It's all really cute & in the end makes me feel terrible when my 30 kids who DON'T get it just have puppy dog faces for the rest of the assembly.
Anyways, at the end of the assembly, they announce a WOW teacher. Another teacher must nominate them aka it's never going to ever be me because I'm brand new and it's March and people are starting to realize I am an actual teacher not a BYU mentor. One particular assembly, they start announcing the WOW teacher,
"This teacher is the nicest lady, she always has a smile on her face."
My kids all look at me and grin. I just awkwardly smile back.
"She always is willing to go above and beyond to help her students."
My kids begin to get a little excited and whisper. "Stop whispering," I think! "Don't you kids know this is an assembly and everyone's looking at how well behaved my kids are because I'm the new girl and you're not allowed to talk during assemblies!!!!" Even though, in actuality no one is looking at me or my kids at all, I'm just paranoid.
"This teacher is a peacemaker. She's always looking to help others and create a good environment for those she serves."
My kids start sitting on their knees and getting excited. They whisper even louder so that now others can hear, "It's Miss Stolworthy, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my frigggggin gosh it's Miss Stolworthy!!!"
I put my fingers to my lips. Motion them to sit on their pockets. Other parents and teachers are starting to look.
"This teacher is so kind and patient."
The kids are wild with excitement. Suddenly, I'm not kind or patient at all. The kids finally stop whispering because I gave them the 'teacher look' which we can do so well, but now they're just pointing at me and silently cheering, possibly worse.
"This teacher is....."
(insert pseudo name)
"......Mrs. Smith!"
(seemed appropriate for Utah?)
My kids: "Whatttt???!!! What the heck?! That's not even fair! Oh my gosh, it's Miss Stolworthy! They just described Miss Stolworthy! OHHH MY GOHSSHSHSH! That's so stupid! That's SO messed up!"

My face was red.

Back in the classroom, I thanked them for thinking so unrealistically highly of me (because these kids have seen me at my ABSOLUTE worst, unfortunately) and we had a little chat about being happy for other teachers that might win and not using the 'stupid' word especially when we're talking about a teacher receiving an award........

I'm so awkward.


  1. Oh my gosh. I love this. Those kids love you so much :)

  2. I remember you telling me about this and I was splitting a gut! So so so funny to me! The whole scene is funny with them getting crazy and you (teacher of the year....:) giving them the evil eye! Great story!



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