Thursday, March 10, 2011

14 Dani...Birthday...Fabulous

Go shorty, It's your birfday
So I am liking the tradition of me, Nat Camp, taking over Dani's Blog for HER special BIRTHDAY post!! It's no fun if she has to come up with nice things to say about herself...oh wait, she does that every day on our white board on our fridge...haha Happy Birthday Beautiful!


10. Dani is the BEST road tripping buddy ever... How many have we been on?? seriously....Always a good time

9. She is an AMAZING 4th grade teacher...The preparation she puts in at home is unbelievable. And I know she may not agree with this when she has her rough days, but you know her kids LOVE her...She's the young, hip teacher! haha

8. She is so considerate of others. Always willing to drop anything to help anyone no matter how busy she is. I have seen this recently, and many, many times before. She's a saint.

7. She is AMAZING with names and I admire that so much. Do you know how much better of a person and likable you are when you remember people's names?? Its a proven statistic!! I am the WORST but she will pull out names all the time whether it's a friends family member, relief society sisters, or people from freshman year (not even in our own dorms!) and I am always like, "How do you know these people!?" And obviously this makes anyone feel like a million bucks when your name is remembered. I seriously wish I had this quality...

6. She sings like Mariah Carey....enough said

(album cover picture right here!)
5. One of her high Love Languages is touch....which means she is the best cuddle buddy and back scratcher EVER. And best part is, she loves doing it!! ha.

(don't mind the bieber fever)

4. Such a good cook. She constantly is trying new recipes and feeding us, whether it's a new dessert idea or dinner...either way, it's always good!

3. She is one of the FUNNIEST people I know. Now, her stories may or may not be a little over exaggerated, but you know what? That's what makes her stories soooooo freaking funny to where you are crying your eyes out and I wouldn't change it for the world.

(Have you heard this story of the dragon bunny??...yea....haha)

2. ALWAYS up for a dance party and ALWAYS starts them. Had a down day?? Let me see your hips swing...

1. Temple Worthy! (cough cough....gentlemen?)

hahahaha JK!! (but she really is though...ha)

The Number 1 thing why Dani is amazing is because she is beautiful inside and out, spiritual, lovable, compassionate, loyal, organized, hilarious, patient, chill, fun, charitable, kind, soft-hearted, and always welcomes anyone like they were her best friend.
I think I speak for the rest of the cheetahs around the world (mostly in the provo region) and her family when I say we love you Dani, we couldn't ask for a better friend, sister, daughter, and grand-daughter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You're the best!


  1. love this post nat. happy birthday daniigirl. everything thing said above is incredibly true. the list goes on and on... you are incredible and I hope you have an incredible birthday to match despite those unfortunate parent teacher conferences... i mean really didn't they know what day it is today? any ways, love you love you!

  2. perfectly said again nat!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANI WAG A LOG!!!!! you are so amazing and always will be one of my most favorite people on this planet! i wish we were still roomies so i could see you more (come move into mine and sam's 2nd bedroom?!) haha. Love you lady. happy happy birthday to one amazing lady! :)

  3. Well done, Nat Camp! I loved it & you hit it spot on! She's so lucky to have you, too! Happy Birthday Deej! I love you!

  4. happy birthday!!! You really are everyone of those things Natalie says you are. Sooo beautiful. Sweetest girl I have ever met. I just love you!! Hope your day is the greatest!! Ps i'm obsessed with your hair...

  5. Natalie, you wrote the sweetest, nicest tribute to our Danielle! She IS all those things a more! I really loved this! Happy Birthday to my special dark haired beauty! Like Benita, I am obsessed with your hair, too! Now why wasn't I born with such luck instead of the bird's nest I inherited? Despite your work schedule this post alone should brighten your day, Danielle. You are my favorite 2nd oldest grandchild! Love you ever so much, Grams xxxooo

  6. Nat you got that nail right on the head! <3 you Danielle! I dont name my first born after just anybody after all!

  7. Happy birthday Dani! I wish i would have gotten off work in time to come celebrate

  8. NAT'S THE BEST! She totally cheated and gave me like 18 number ones!
    thanks guys :)

  9. I'm one of those freshman friends who you always made feel like a million bucks! You're wonderful, hope your birthday was too!

  10. HAPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY DANI! Natalie was right about it all, you are quite the package! Love you!!!

  11. Danielle...I THOUGHT I posted on this last night but it didn't stick! AWESOME post, Natalie...You said it so so well! Danielle IS amazing and we love you dear girl! She's the "McBaby" (refer to encrypted FB message) because one second I learned she was breach and then *BAM* she was born (c-section) and I was so enamored from the start by the little dark beauty she was then! The nurse said, "Oh, too bad she didn't get your hair color" (mine's auburn) and I said "I couldn't have ordered her more perfect!"-I have ALWAYS loved loved dark hair on girls and boys (hence, I married my dark handsome hubby). So, so much more to tell about my darling Danielle but this would be even longer! Love you dear and a HAPPY birthday to YOU!!!

  12. Nancy, I totally agree on the #3 one... I was going to type that in too!!! It fo sho does make the stories 10x funnier



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