Thursday, May 24, 2012

2 Field Day

This year we tie-dyed shirts for field day! I was obsessed with tie-dying in my elementary years and probably drove my mom bonkers asking her twice a day if I could tie-dye socks, pillow cases, shirts, shoes......
So, I took this golden opportunity to show my kiddos how to do it. All tie-dyed shirts are not created equal, but overall they did a great job.
Did I mention they voted on orange as our class color.....? I was a little worried we would look like a bunch of Tennessee VOLS fans, but we're in Utah so it's whatever.

My crazy class.
P.S. We've got a snoozer in the front row and a headlock in the back.......
The other 4th graders were wearing green, purple and blue.

Last week I totally turned into a pageant mom and told them we HAD to win tug of war.

Unfortunately, we did not win. In fact, we lost at everything.

Except if there was an award given for dancing, Team Orange Stolworthy would've definitely won:
Shake it like a Poloroid picture.
Of course I totally owned the dance floor as well or at least I thought I did until one of my students came up to me mid-AWESOME dance move and asked, "Miss Stolworthy, how are you not embarrassed?" Dance move fail.



  1. hahahah oh my gosh, Deej. SO funny. Seriously. I love you. & your blog.

  2. Thanks boo boo! I would've invited you to tie-dye but heaven knows you have enough tie dyed shirts



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