Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1 Coast to Coast

The stars aligned and I was able to go to California this weekend = Happy Dani Girl.

Got to crash at this girl's pad in LA. AH! So much girl talk was had it was sickening. So good to spend some of the weekend with an old bunkbedmate even though sharing a queen bed didn't feel quite the same. Love my Rebbles.

And this guy.

We were able to go to the Ronald Reagan Library. It was amazing and we LOVED it! I got about 800 new wrinkles in my brain.

Walked around Santa Monica  and watched dogs skateboard, 3 year olds break dance and 80 year olds belly dance. Happening place, that promenade.

Our mind was blown at this psycho car spotter.

View of Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory.

Lots of driving/laughs. Weekend flew by, as they tend to do....

Now I'm in Atlantic City, New Jersey at a school conference. In a hotel room all by myself. Ahhhh.

My poor, poor, darling kiddos. They cried a little/flopped dramatically out of their chairs when I announced there would be a sub for 3 days. Sometimes I try to feel cool by telling myself they don't do well with a sub and it's really hard for them to function without me there and then I come back to school the day after a substitute and I'm greeted with 25 tattle tale notes, 4 parent email concerns about a sub problems, 2 notes from the principal, the teacher next door telling me how wild they were and then I realize, they really can't survive without me, but instead of feeling extra cool, I just feel extra tired. Here's to hoping a sub survives 3 days on the second to last week of school with my class. Bless her.

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  1. hahahha good heavens, hopefully the little monkeys are good for her...& that you survived your day back today! Your hotel room is awesome. Was it a hotel or a hostel? Just wanting to make sure you didn't have to share the bed. & just to clarify, those pictures above the headboard...looks like the type of frame mom has all of our school pictures in. Also, You & John look good together. & I died over the brain wrinkles. & then read it to my coworkers. They loved it too. Miss you! Stop freakin leavin on the weekend! Let's pool hop...or just hop in your pool. K? k!



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