Monday, May 28, 2012

5 Donezo.

A lot of this is for record keeping purposes, but this is what the end of our year looked like:
State Core Testing. Bleh.
A little brain massage before a test....

Here are some of the snackie poos:

Shot off our water bottle rockets to end our air pressure unit.

 We got wet and they went so high. Tons of fun!

We also did lots of art at the end of the year. I love LOVE teaching art, so I'm always glad we have time for it. Tesselations in math:

We learned about warm and cool colors, complimentary and tertiary colors.

Played with Lucky.

Cleaned and packed up the classroom.

End of year bags for kiddos. They are pretty simple, but at the end of the year when you're running 90 mph sun up to sun down, simple's how we do. My mom made the 4th grade grad pins, and then I put candy, water ballons and about 10-15 pictures of them from the school year in it. If anyone wants the bag topper I made, just shoot me an email!

Made some teacher gifts!

This summer my kids think I'm getting married. Ever since the PE teacher made a mistake about 6 weeks ago asking if I was engaged in front of my class, my kids have been OBSESSED with my "fiance." They ask me what his name is, they ask me if they can be in my wedding, they leave notes about "him" on my guided reading table. When I say, "No guys, seriously, I'm not engaged." They say, "Oh C'MON you're just not telling us his name so we won't look him up on facebook!"
A mom even wrote me an end of year thank you note and wrote that it's too bad because she has really wanted to set me up with someone who works with her husband.
Word travels fast at Westridge Elementary, even if it's not true.

The kids were extremely wild the last week of school. At times I would just step back and watch the chaos in disbelief.

And the other night as I was going in and out of sleep, I was having dreams about teaching my kids how to write a REALLY GOOD descriptive paragraph aka it was totally time for summer.
I'm now in Tennessee.

Did you know, I've visited California, Utah, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Tennessee and driven through Wyoming, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Kentucky in the past 2 weeks?? Good grief. Time to CHILLLLAX. Summer of 2012 will be mmmmazing.


  1. Love the white board notes. you are seriously such a good teacher. What a blessing you have been in so many kids lives! xo

  2. Can I have that bag topper?! So stinking CUTE! You are the bomb teacher.

  3. Danielle, I really sympathize with you on such a busy schedule. It does sound like your last week was over the time! Glad you can be home with your Best Friends, your parents and siblings! Enjoy Tennessee for me, too, please! Miss you all!

  4. suppose to say "over the top!"

  5. Wow, I'm so glad your school year is over. Happy me!



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