Thursday, January 05, 2012

7 One Line a Day

Remember how I told you about my most favorite journal of all time in this post last year?
Well I'm on year two now and it's been quite entertaining to see what I did in 2011 on the same day. (I hope you like how I strategically photographed a very unjuicy day. Maybe in 2013 I'll just sleep through January 5 since apparently it doesn't matter what I do anyway.)

Journaling is important but I got to thinking that if my future children only read my actual journal, they'll think I'm a total FREAK. Because, let's be honest, I'm best at writing in it when there was something I consider quite noteworthy.

I love my One Line a Day so much I keep a stash in my gift bin that I ordered from Amazon in case I forget to get a birthday gift. But if you get one, don't think it's because I forgot your birthday.

P.S. I got one for both my mom and Grandmother as part of their Christmas present, but they bought it for themselves first..... Eh em.
Text convo with my mom:
Mom: Got a One Line a Day!
Dani: Cool!
Mom: I wrote my first entry!
Dani: Mom...... It's December, don't you just want to wait until January 1st?
Mom: Oh yeah. I'm an idiot.

Start now people. It's still the beginning of January, but whatever you do, don't start in December.


  1. This is brilliant! I HAVE to get myself one of these.

  2. hahahahah!!!! It's true! That was a funny moment in time! Gad you're around to keep me on track! I LOVE my journal too! I have written in it, ummmm, 7 times ;)

  3. HAHAHAH 7 times. oh my gosh. funny.

  4. Omgee this is fantastic. I am going to have to locate one of these for myself STAT.

  5. Lauren, they have them at Barnes & Nobles and possibly Anthropologie if you want to get one quickly!

  6. Saddest story ever: I lost mine. I wrote in it FAITHFULLY for 15 months, only missed a few days, and I have absolutely no idea where it is now :( :( :( :(

  7. love this!! Can you post about some other birthday gift go-tos that you give? This is a great one and I'm sure you have lots of other wonderful ideas!



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