Sunday, February 06, 2011

11 Journal NERD

I've always been the biggest journal writer. My bedroom closet in Tennessee is filled with journal entries of every "traumatic" situation a teenage girl has faced.
My main journal that I write in now has been used since January of 2008. I have written about every college crush, every first kiss, every break up, every good day and every roommate. I have even written in extensive details about every DTR (mostly so I can look back and know with assurity he really did say those things...) Out of curiosity, I just read the last year of this journal. BAHHA I have one exhausting life! When I was finished reading, I felt like taking a nap.

I, of course, have 3 blogs (this one, my cooking one, and my classroom one for parents). I never started blogging as a way to document my life and never thought of it as journaling, but it has turned into that over the past two years. I let readers in on every "appropriate" thing I can. My funny day-to-day life. Unfortunately, you will never read the juicy boy details. If you want that, you need to become my bff&e and even then it's negotiable.

I also have a Moleskin that I bring to church. I write down every impression I receive and every quote I love. I write about the things I pray about. I write about answered prayers and I write about the things I'm thankful for.

So, heaven knows I need another thing to keep track of.
My newest roommate Rebstar introduced me to this little travel sized gem:
The journal goes for 5 years. Each day has a page. You fill in the year, and write your one line a day so you can look back from year to year and see what happened on that day. By 2015 when I'm filling in my last year, it will be quite easy to see how my life has changed.
My journal came in the mail in December and I was DYING to use it, but I had to wait until January 1st. It's now a part of my nightly routine. I'm convinced that every person in the world needs one. All my roommates have one and you'll always see a couple floating around the house.
It's my newest love. If I were Oprah, it would be on my favorite things episode.

Order one here.


  1. Did you really pay $40 for it? I've wanted to get one for my mom but it's out of print and so expensive on Amazon!! I have one and I love it.

  2. i still need one of those journals

  3. i don't know... i think mine was $30. I'm sure you can find it cheaper than $40 though. I know a lot of stores have them. They have a Q&A one for $16 on the Anthropologie website and it's pretty similar to this. That's probably your next best bet!

  4. I have heard of these and I LOVE it! I need to get one!

  5. Me too! You sold me! I will put it on my "wants" list! I love the easy look back and the simple referencing! Great idea! Love you!

  6. I want one, too, Danielle! It is just an excellent idea! However, I am so longwinded--not sure I could reduce my day down to one sentence. However, in the world do you do it? I am assuming this would be hard for you, too, since you obviously like to keep records. Maybe because you do several things, the one line a day doesn't keep you up at night!

  7. I am a huge journal writer too! It's probably the one thing in my life that I'm consistent with and probably one of my favorite simply pleasures. Yesterday, I finished the journal I've been working on for a year. I should get one of these.

  8. Rebstar totally got me this little lovely for my birthday!
    definitely my favorite part of my nightly routine.
    im glad we share the same love for journal writing

  9. I meant to say because you write in several venues, it doesn't keep you up at night trying to figure out that one line to record for that day. Love you!

  10. Okay...I'm older than dirt. What is a "DTR"?

  11. DTR= "define the relationship" or in other words, the "chat" that every boy hates with every fiber of his being.



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