Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Showed this picture to my kiddos today.
Ha! Thanks? So... are... you???

This was ME in 4th grade. I was trying to drive home the point that I was in 4th grade not too long ago and that I understand where they're coming from and they need to be more like me and work harder or they're never going to leave the 4th grade.
Kidding, a little.
Mostly I thought they would appreciate that I'm really a real person. Maybe this picture led them to similar thoughts that I actually have a family and I don't live in the school building, even though most days I even forget those things.

But as I was looking through my childhood pics, I noticed all of the same things.

Can you say DIVA?

Speaking of diva....................
I love my Nancy girl with all my heart & soul. She brings joy to my life.
And diva-ness.

Question: How am I supposed to walk the 10 yards to my car and go to the gym when it's this cold? Provo has to be the rudest city ever right now.
But at least tomorrow in the forecast we're getting a degree. So generous of you, weather gods.
The good news is, groundhoggy day has told us spring will be coming early in 2011. Which means no more inside recess. Which means no more minion drawings on my whiteboard.
Which also means Danielle will no longer be having a nightly inner battle of getting her butt to the gym. (Switch to first person again) Which means my happiness will increase exponentially. I know our happiness is not supposed to be determined by what happens outside of us, but I always thought that was a dumb way to live anyways.

I just won't eat.

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  1. I'm on the eat less to have more money to buy smaller clothes diet. works for me. way too cold to drive to the gym.



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