Saturday, January 29, 2011

Three Cheetahs wearing pink sports bras. Just a side note.

Hey friends, what should I do with my life? Confused is an understatement. Graduating from college is overrated. It throws you out on your hiney. It makes you feel dumber than ever. It makes you doubt more than ever. It makes you think you have to stay in Provo and get married when that's at the bottom of your want-to-do-list. It makes you think that you should've been a million times smarter with boys in the past 4 years.

I'm this close to resorting back to my original life plans and becoming a Disney princess or a famous singer. Or even better, anyone want to go travel the world with Dani Doo? OR I could go on the Bachelorette just for fun, not to pick anyone.
See what I mean?

Well, I'm off to shave my legs, lay in my sheets and contemplate my options and how if I make the wrong choice it will screw me over for all of eternity. I do that a lot lately.


  1. Chill, just chill! That's my advice-You'll be JUST FINE!

  2. If you decide to be a Disney Princess I am SO going with you. Princesses can have 2 kids right?



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