Friday, January 28, 2011

Today is the 100th day of school.

Oh my goodness.

100 days of laughs.
100 days of cries.
100 days of tattling.
100 days of knock knock jokes.
100 days of lesson plans.
100 days of giant hugs.
100 days of discipline.
100 days of recess.
100 days of "move your pin."
100 days of "move up a table point."
100 days of tell, show, monitor.
100 days of collecting bff notes.
100 days of stress.
100 days of smiles.
100 days of grading.
100 days of learning.

We're over half way done and we all still like each other. I would call that a success my friends. I think I might go celebrate by buying myself a dress or 7 from Anthropologie this weekend. Why yes, I will.


  1. Happy 100th Day, Danielle! Congrats for making it through! I LOVE you!!

  2. yeah i celebrated it by trying to figure out who wrote all over the bathroom stalls and sending kids to the principals.
    i always knew how to party hard.

  3. you are so darling. if I had a husband, and then I had a fetus, and then he was in the first grade, I would send him to your classroom. a very great way to celebrate by the way...



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