Tuesday, January 25, 2011

6 top 5

Top 5 things that made me happy this week:

5. Finishing over 40 pages of my Teacher Work Sample. Don't worry, I'll be super obnoxious and let you know a million times when it's completely done.
4. Dancing on stage to Justin Beiber in my dinosaur onesie at a school assembly.
3. Our cups getting warped in the dishwasher. Just made me giggle, that's all.
2. Running at the gym to girl power music everydayallday.
1. My favorite thing of this week & probably of this whole year so far is our new bobble head cocker spaniel on top of our entertainment center. Rebbie found it at DI and kept bobbling his head & was bent over laughing so hard. The $1 it took to bring our new friend home was so so so worth it. He has been named, Pretzel. Needless to say, Pretzel is adored by all.
A real cocker spaniel that requires walks, shots, a vet and time:

A bobble head cocker spaniel that brings just as much, if not more, joy:
priceless + $1


  1. Hahahahaha!!! Cuuuuute! btw, Red Fred had a poodle dog (my dog Charlie's papa) named Pretzel...glad you're keeping it in the geneology!

  2. umm excuse me, where is the video of you dancing in your dinosaur onesie???

  3. ohhh i bet you are the coolest teacher ever after a dinosaur onsie dance!!!! (as if you didnt already have the coolest teacher title before that)

  4. That teacher work sample was something else! I was telling Stephanie about it. Super proud of all your accomplishments, Danielle and of course, always love you blog. A day without reading your blog is a day without sunshine! Love you!

  5. Hey, I put my name on that last post, why did it say anonymous. Grams



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