Thursday, January 20, 2011

8 my classroom

Well, I'm already over half way through the school year & I'm just getting to this. Story of my life now.
Allow me to take you on a quick classroom tour.

I went with a jungle-ish theme. I made all the signs, charts and covered all the walls this summer in my "free time" mostly because buying all these things would be far too easy.

This is the word wall. Don't be tricked, we're not as wild about words as it makes us seem.
Here are the read alouds we've done so far. I have them vote on how they liked the story. As you can see, I haven't read anything above a fifth grade level since August which will be changing day 1 of summer break.
My most favorite bunch.
Writing what the words in the pledge means in hopes that they'll be more respectful to the flag.... I try people.
Our homework reward system that my brother feels is politically incorrect but since when have we cared about that?
Our job chart. P.S. This took about 8 zillion hours to make. I'm the most OCD perfectionist you'll ever meet in your life. Teaching has helped with this problem. You have no time to be perfect.
This is where the star student puts their poster. Except it usually looks jusssst like this because half the time they forget their poster. Whatevs.
I make lots of signs.
Oh, and these are the sort of things I go shopping for now.
Oh me, oh my.

So there you have it. This is the place that I spend my all time.

My job is better than yours.


  1. I LOVE your classroom, Danielle! Wish I could spend more time in it with you and be your official assistant-I would LOVE that! You're doing a GREAT job! Keep it up!

  2. That was an amazing tour! You are one heck of a teacher, Danielle, by the looks of things! Of course, I know you so I KNOW you are a great teacher for those kids. Lucky, lucky kids!

  3. I meant to say I loved all the charts and things. Everything is so colorful and inviting!

  4. too bad it doesn't smell as good as it looks....

  5. I want a re-do of my elementary career with you as my teacher. we would have had such good times!

  6. this made me laugh. and then smile.

    want to help me do my room next year? that is...if I get a room? :)



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