Friday, July 01, 2011

4 utah lake

Spent Rebbie's last night on the lake.
Reb and her adorable niece Emy.

It was a beautiful evening and the water was perfect.
My heart's hurting because I miss my Rebbels a little bit today but I'm so happy for her and her new amazing job. We've promised to do frequent road trips.
Love you Rebbs!!


  1. i'm feeling a little spoiled with all this blog attention lately. i'm just glad being here is so overwhelming and i have no time to think about the fact that i'm here and the rest of my cheetahpack is not. love you danibelle.

  2. Such tranquil pictures on the lake. It reminded me of my own experiences growing up as a child and going to the lake all the time with my Dad. He loved swimming and so did all of his kids. Maybe we should think about a family reunion at a Lake sometime and not just at a beach. Just loved these photos of you having a good time, Danielle! Sorry you are missing your friend though.



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