Tuesday, July 05, 2011

2 (2nd, 3rd &) 4th of July

I like to make any holiday or celebration last about a week longer than it actually should. So that's just what we did when we celebrated our country's 235th birthday.

Some fireworks on Saturday. Forgot to take real pics but we did hitchhike home and partied in the back seat of a high schooler's truck. Holla!

7-Eleven was the place to be from 10pm to 4am on Sunday. So many Provo All Stars in one place and I'm proud to stay we held out strong all night.
On the fourth, we honored our country by driving around waving flags. Mostly because we slept in wayyyyy past the Provo parade (please refer to 7-Eleven 4am party).
SEVEN PEAKS PARTYYYY. Please excuse my terribly fake smile. It was an accident.
Next we had a little HP picnic.

Some of the HP babes
Made this 4th of July cake.
P.S. This cake may or may not have had several malfunctions while being created.
Park City for fireworks on the real 4th.

A little rainy.
But we are troopers.


  1. I really enjoyed reading about your holiday celebration, Danielle! It looks like so much fun! You already know, I adore your beautiful cake! Love you!



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