Friday, July 08, 2011

10 summer crafts

I've been a busy bee sewing and painting this summer.
This is my 24" bow pillow. I like that it is very big & bowey.
20" ruffle pillow
Painted & framed canvas.
Painted this guy. He doesn't get a frame.
My mom got me this amazing software to create prints and it stayed in it's package for over a year! Finally installed it and I might be going a little overboard now.
Rebbie gave me a similar print to this one but it's in my classroom so I copycatted and made one for my bedroom.
Made this print of one of my all time favorite quotes from "The Little Prince."
And whoops... the boys in my ward found out I can sew. I'll be altering pants and shorts for a while now.
Still in the middle of a few projects, so I'll keep them coming.


  1. love love love the ruffle pillow! you are so talented ms stolworthy!

  2. This was really a great blog entry, Danielle! I appreciated seeing all the amazing things you have been doing! My favorite pillow is the bowy one! The chevron curtain was pretty too. All the projects are fun and sooooo creative! The framed sayings are really great, your mom had shared the fox one with me and that is very sweet! Loved all of it and I love you!

  3. dani you are amazing! what is the print program called? I have been searching for one! cut pillows!

  4. in love with those pillows!
    I have a few that are in my sewing pile that need some sprucing up. Thank you for giving me some inspiration/motivation!!!

  5. Oh my goodness. Teach me your ways.

  6. Super cute! Love the pillows especially!

  7. LOVE it ALL, Danielle! Great job! So impressed with all your gathering on those ruffles! Takes time, huh? Wow! Grandmother mentioned the chevron curtain but I never saw it...did you take the picture down? Great job! Can't wait to see the other things you're if you have questions on the alterations...those can be a bear! Love you!!

  8. Your Favorite brotherJuly 9, 2011 at 9:08 PM

    Yeah! I remember this pillow... you were making it when I was in Utah!!! Nice Job!!

  9. Your Favorite brotherJuly 9, 2011 at 9:08 PM

    Sry... i meant to say I remember the pillow in the first photo!

  10. Hey, you! You obviously inherited the crafty talent from Miss Kari...way jealous!

    What is the name of the software? Do share!



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