Sunday, July 10, 2011

2 roo's birthday

It was my sister's birthday last week.
She thinks people set off fireworks for her, but it's really for our country. I don't know, I just always feel bad being straight up with her on that one.

I made her wear the birthday crown.
Every year we have to do a 4th of July cake for Rooie. This year I put lots of strawberries on her favorite. It was very ymmmytummyyyyum yum.
Let me tell you some very great things about my sister:
She's very witty.
She is really nice.
She is such a hard worker.
She has a laugh that makes her collapse on the floor.
It is contagious.
She doesn't think before she speaks.
She is Stolworthy TOUGH.
She doesn't complain.
She's really good at sewing.
She can play "Oh Susanna" on the harmonica.
She is very loyal.
She's very driven.
She is the very best sister.
I'll keep her!


  1. Hey spank you! :) It made me feel pds (pretty darn special)

  2. that's where my crown went!!! haha i meant to give that to emy. fits her right? i guess it fits as bday crown too.



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