Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3 Rebbie's birthday bash!

Hopefully you heard about the Rebbie + Fiesta + Palooza.
Because we made a rainbow cake for it.
And we talked to good friends.
And we hugged.
And seahorses came.
And we took group photos.
And bunny photos.
And mustache photos.
And photos where everyone's a bit disheveled.
We beat up our seahorse guest.
But then wore him as a headdress.
We drank an assortment of Italian sodas out of mustache cups.
And opened handmade gifts from our friends.
We had a few final, tender roommate moments before Rebbie goes to LA for her new bigwig job.
So, if you didn't hear about the REBBIESTAPALOOZA, that's just too bad.


  1. Wow, how did I totally forget about this party...it looks like an extremely successful one, though! Suhweeeeet duude

  2. FUN FUN! Love your posts, Danielle! Great party and amazzzzzing trip to Mexico! So fun to see you and your great friends! I feel like they're my friends too...is that o.k.??? Love you!!

  3. That looked like a jumping party! Looks like a good place to hang out but not to cool your jets--- one to meet really great people and have a wonderful jammin' good time! Nice to see you are having fun and love the way you are always helping your friends in just about every way possible. You are a great example for everyone you meet, Danielle!



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